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The Power of Subconscious Mind pdf: A must read



The Power of Subconscious Mind pdf is an exceptional book to explore the hidden powers of our mind. Can a book change your perspective on living life? Or can it change your thinking? Is it possible? And if it can be changed then which book is it because there are millions and crores of books in the world. The answer to this is “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” written by Dr. Joseph Murphy and you can download it for free from the link to the Power of Subconscious Mind pdf given at the end of this article. You can save it on your mobile or laptop and read it later.

The less we say about this very famous and influential book, the better we can say that Joseph Murphy’s book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is the solution to all your problems and all that is really required is to read this book once. You may not be satisfied with it in one go and may need to read it more than once. Read the book completely from the given The Power of Subconscious Mind pdf. Take time to understand. It is in fact possible to see life from a totally different perspective.

Dr. Joseph Murphy

Dr. Joseph Murphy was born on 20 May 1898 in Ireland into a Roman Catholic family. Feeling divine prayer in his teens, he left Roman Catholicism, worked as a pharmacist in America, and then joined the Church of the Healing Christ. Under the inspiration of Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, and Ervin Gregg, President of the Divine Science Association, he became a Minister of Divine Science.

The power of your subconscious mind
Dr. Joseph Murphy (Credits- Facebook)

He started writing after completing his PhD in Psychology from the University of Southern California. Dr. Joseph Murphy died in 1981. He wrote more than 30 books in his lifetime, one of which, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, is as popular today as it was in the beginning, which is why it is printed and read even today. It is also available on popular audiobook platforms like KuKu FM, Audibles, etc, and also can be downloaded from the link to the Power of Subconscious Mind pdf below.

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Understanding the Subconscious Mind

The book begins by introducing readers to the theory of the subconscious mind, a vast and often untapped reservoir of potential and possibilities within each of us. Dr. Murphy explains that the subconscious mind is like very fertile soil, and whatever we put into it will grow. This means that our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes have a direct impact on our personality and thinking ability.

The power of subconscious mind pdf

The concept of the subconscious mind has been a topic of interest and discussion in psychology and philosophy for decades. However, there is no strong and precise definition and it is generally understood as a part of the mind that operates on auto-pilot and influences thoughts, feelings, and behavior at some point or the other.

We have no control and authority over the subconscious. It does not take any orders from us; if it wants to think, it has to think. This is a data bank, a very huge and unlimited data bank. There is no difference between good and bad. Some peculiar characteristics of the subconscious mind are as follows, which you can also read in detail in the Power of the Subconscious Mind pdf given below.

  • It is said that the mind works on a dual processing model, meaning it thinks at two levels, one at the conscious level and one at the subconscious level.
  • It is believed that the subconscious mind plays an important role in quick decision-making and problem-solving. Because it can make quick decisions based on patterns learned in the past. It can also be said that we knowingly or unknowingly make important future decisions based on the experiences of the subconscious mind. Like a biological supercomputer, it keeps advising us through countless calculations.
  • It is believed that personality, behavior, and habits are influenced by the subconscious mind. For example, fears, phobias, and automatic reactions may be based on the subconscious mind. Additionally, habits, such as moving your feet or doing a task repeatedly, are often controlled by the subconscious mind. Also, it can be found in detail in the Power of subconscious mind pdf at the end.
  • Sigmund Freud, a world-renowned figure in the history of psychology, presented the relationship between suppressed memories and the unconscious mind. He believed that painful or unpleasant memories could remain buried in the subconscious, influencing a person’s feelings and behavior throughout life.the power of subconscious mind pdf
  • Hypnosis is a technique that can access the uncovered dimensions of the subconscious mind. An Indian TV serial regarding hypnosis also gathered much attraction in 2010

The Power of Affirmation

The popular blockbuster movie “3 Idiots” seriously used the theory of the power of affirmation, when Amir Khan repeatedly says All is Well, All is Well. It actually strikes in mind when we say something affirmative to ourselves at regular intervals. It works like glucose for a fed-up mind. Dr. Joseph Murphy clearly demonstrated the power of affirmation in his book.

the power of subconscious mind pdf
Credits- Wallpaparcave

We all sometimes have negative and unhealthy thoughts about ourselves and our lives, which is completely normal. When affirmations are spoken or uttered to ourselves, it changes the way we think and act in our lives. You get the power to change your way of doing things in a positive way. Download the Power of Subconscious Mind pdf attached below.

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

According to Dr. Joseph Murphy, due to limited confidence, people are often unable to hone their talents. These limiting beliefs may be social ones, perhaps formed by someone or oneself in childhood. Almost every person faces these at some point in his life, for example – I can not do this, I can’t be like that, I’m not made like this, I don’t look good at all, I don’t have time, I’m not that smart, I don’t have that much experience, I can never succeed, I just have bad luck, I am poor, I have a bad day, I am not so smart, I am useless, etc. The following may be the related reasons for limited beliefs.

the power of subconscious mind pdf

Personal beliefs are those experiences that have been coined or created by the individual himself, which helped him to create some comfortable and safe circles for himself.

Hereditary experiences and beliefs accompany us from the time we are born and we observe and strengthen them throughout our lives. We also inherit some limited beliefs from our ancestors which we accept without question marks and without facts. It is interesting to download the Power of Subconscious Mind pdf and read it.

At some point in our lives, we definitely use excuses because of some fear, whether it is the fear of failure or of losing something or someone’s departure. These fears and excuses also come under the ambit of limited belief.

The society in which you live and the people among whom you live can also develop limiting beliefs in your mind.

Religious beliefs can sometimes spread limited ideas because their teachings create limitations according to their religious beliefs so that humans can behave according to them.

The Role of Visualization

Dr. Joseph Murphy realized the power of visualization. Visualization is an important and simple technique that we use to create a positive image of future events. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone uses visualization but in a general way. Through visualization, we can practice any upcoming program or event and also become psychologically prepared for it.

The power of subconscious mind pdf at the end can also be downloaded for detailed reading.
For example, when a person goes for an interview, he prepares for it. Because he is visualizing that if such a question is asked then I will give this answer, I will give it in so much detail and in so much time.

the power of subconscious mind pdf

It’s all a game of visualization. If someone uses this technique to be successful in his life, then his chances of being successful become higher. In big sports competitions, players get excited just by visualizing their victory, and rightly so because who would like to see their defeat? If you want to know how we can use our imagination, then the following things should be kept in mind:

We should focus on what our goal is. That goal should be imagined in your mind. Suppose there is a speech competition in school next month and we have to participate in it. We have to imagine every day about the same day and what a good speech we gave. This will not only increase our enthusiasm but we will also prepare for it with full hard work. The power of subconscious mind pdf at the end can also be downloaded for detailed reading.

We must imagine absolutely perfect scenes. If our imagination power is accurate then our chances of success will increase that much more. And also imagine as if you are present during the speech, wearing very nice clothes, the weather is wonderful, you have amazing confidence.
Imagine yourself waiting your turn.

A crowd of people is watching you and clapping. Your classmates are eagerly waiting for your turn. Imagining all this can fill you with a special confidence and you gave such an excellent speech that the applause did not subside for some time. Everyone is looking at you with surprise and is also praising you. Certainly this type of imagination can instil immense confidence. The power of subconscious mind pdf can be downloaded below.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction explains how positive thoughts can bring positive changes in a person’s life and similarly negative thoughts will make life negative. There are three further rules of attraction such as:

Like attracts like

This law shows that similar things are attracted to each other. This simply means that people attract people who are similar to them – but it also shows that people’s thoughts attract similar results. Negative thinking is believed to attract negative experiences, while positive thinking generates positive experiences. The power of subconscious mind pdf at the end can also be downloaded for detailed reading.

the power of subconscious mind pdf

Nature hates emptiness

The second law of attraction states that you should remove as much negative things from your life as possible so that positive things can get more space in your life. It is based on the assumption that it is impossible to have completely free space in your life. Proponents of this rule believe that since something or the other will fill this space, why not fill that space with positivity.

The present is always perfect

According to this idea, you can always do something to improve the present moment. Sometimes it may seem that the present is not right in some way or the other. But it is wrong to feel this because the present which is not good for us right now may be going very well for someone. Instead of feeling afraid or unhappy, we should focus our energy on finding ways to make the present moment better. The power of subconscious mind pdf at the end can also be downloaded for detailed reading.

Healing through the subconscious

Do you know what are the ways to reach the subconscious mind? One can delve into the depths of the subconscious through meditation. However this method is not universal. People can perceive the subconscious in different ways. It is said that by connecting with the subconscious mind, one can get rid of even the biggest diseases, sorrows, pains and problems. Prayer and meditation both play an important role in this.

the power of subconscious mind pdf

With the balance of body and mind, we can reach the subconscious and experience new sensations. It is often heard that someone cured his incurable disease through yoga and meditation. There can be 100% truth in such things because while medicines only work to heal the body, meditation provides nourishment to the mind and the time taken for treatment can be reduced. The power of subconscious mind pdf at the end can also be downloaded for detailed reading.

Practical Techniques

In his book the power of subconscious mind pdf, Dr. Joseph Murphy explained various practical techniques to communicate with subconscious. Let us know how we can make contact with the subconscious mind.

It is said that if we remove negative things from our mind and become oblivious of unnecessary fear and anxiety, then we can get a little closer to the subconscious. Negative thinking will only give rise to negativity, like the story of the angel who walks with us and fulfills whatever we say. If we say that my life is bad or my work is bad, then he keeps doing it like this. What it means here is that if you think bad, bad things will happen and will keep happening. If you think right, things will start happening right. The power of subconscious mind pdf at the end can also be downloaded for detailed reading.

the power of subconscious mind pdf

If any negative thought is arising in your mind then you should start thinking about some very positive thought. This can also be done like this. Try to erase that negative thought immediately like it is done in mobile or computer.

If you have a great desire to achieve some goal and you are not able to succeed in any way, then the subconscious mind can also help you in achieving that goal. The power of subconscious mind pdf can be downloaded here.

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Free download The power of subconscious mind pdf

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